Message from the President of Website

Mihir Vaja

Dr. Mihir Vaja,
President of Website

Medical Officer Ayurveda Association
Gujarat State.

The idea to have a website of Medical Officer Ayurveda Association was in the mind long before, which can be useful to the assistance and timely guidance in our service. But when in the year of 2014 Dr. Sanjaysinh Chavda had become the President of the association, he initiated this idea and website ( – Government of Gujarat Medical Officer Ayurveda Association) has been lunched grandly.

Information like how to run the O.P.D., purchasing Medicine, preparing Monthly-Yearly Reports, Salary and different Bills preparation, Leave, LTC, Service Book, activity for Promotion and Expansion of Ayurveda etc. all the administrative and accounting matters have also been included in the website.

We have tried to include every set of all format and proforma which can be useful for all the information regarding Ayurveda Medical Officer’s service and all the queries.

In the year of 2017 Dr. Pranav Trivedi had become the President of the Association, taken personal interest to upgrade this website.

I Dr. Mihir Vaja, the president of association’s website expressing my sincere thanks to all the presidents, secretaries, vice presidents, treasurer, advisory members, all District Representative and all members of Medical Officer Ayurveda Association, Gujarat State for their direct and indirect continuous support.


Dr. Mihir Vaja,
President of Website
Medical Officer Ayurveda Association, Gujarat State.