President’s Message

Dear friends,
It is a very glad and proud movement for us on the historical occasion of launching the website of Medical Officer’s (Ayurved) Association, Gujarat State In present global and high-tech era internet media is the most accessible part for the progress of any science. As per Ayurveda-Science of life “सुखं समग्रं विज्ञाने विमले च प्रतिष्ठितम्” endless and entire actual happiness sustain in the true knowledge, this website is the main source for the same. I hope it would be an excellent and very useful platform for the Medical Officers in every manner. Through this website we would be able to express and share our messages, vision and ideas along with news about current affairs to all our members and also for a common man.

I thank all my team for their efforts and hard work to create a new technical platform for Ayurveda. This is an opening phase and much more to be added regularly and continuously as a part of updating the site. I request to all members for sharing their views, ideas through this site. We need your help and would welcome your suggestions, feedback and support always.

Dissertation Supervisor Gift

Jai dhanvantari

Vd. Sanjaysinh Chavda