Avance Phytotherapies Pvt. Ltd.

Avance Phytotherapies Pvt. Ltd.

Avance is research product based innovative company which creates phytoceuticals, nutraphytoceuticals & phytocosmeceuticals. Immense potential herbs & advanced techniques utilized by Avance have resulted in standardized & patented products. In this global scenario of rapid awareness & customer demands for innovative products it becomes quite essential to deliver novel products. Such a demand & supply becomes more challenging with neglected disease segment focused as standalone approach by Avance.

Corporate History

Innovation & Development in phytotherapeutic formulations is the heart of Avance. We create clinically proven, lifestyle disorder based, a drug like efficient & safe products in the areas where there is not much allopathic intervention & unmet medical needs. Our formulations are based on ancient Ayurvedic acquaintance combined with modern scientific techniques.

Mission Statement

Explore, evaluate and provide scientifically researched products that are clinically proven

Activities at Avance

  • R&D to formulate extract based efficacious products
  • Constant efforts to make new as well as existing products more acceptable in terms of therapy & formulation aspects
  • Persistent efforts to achieve Patient Compliance & product feasibility


Experience coupled with expertise is the strength of Avance. The company has highly committed scientists with abundant industrial and academic experience in the fields of isolation of phytochemicals, pharmacological studies, phyto-analysis, formulation development, pharmacokinetics and clinical studies. The company has tie ups with a number of academic institutions where preliminary research work is undertaken for the company.


Human resource & creative thinking are the main strengths of Avance. R&D is central part of our operation. Avance is committed to various standardization processes needed to establish our products in the global market; Standardization starting from analysis of raw material, for authentication, organoleptic evaluation, microscopic examination, extractive values, chromatographic profiles and heavy metal detection is done.
Product integrity, safety and efficacy have always been Avance’s top priorities. We invest in new technology and research as part of our commitment to providing innovative, science-based nutrition products. Ingredients used in our products are also found in many foods. Our materials (including botanical ingredients) are globally sourced from reputed suppliers and our products are manufactured in accordance with established quality standards. Product quality is verified at our in-house R&D laboratory with state-of-the-art testing equipment. Our quality team conducts regular audits to ensure compliance.
Avance has sophisticated analytical instruments like spectrophotometer, HPLC & access to various other instruments for standardization like GC, LC-MS for developing exclusive and patented products of global standards

Clinical Research
Intensive research, complete standardization, pre-clinical & clinical studies are conducted for formulations

Products of Avance Phytotherapies Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Chronolax GranulesCramps free clinically proven gentle laxative
  2. Livance CapsulesSuperior hepatoprotector & phytoformulation against jaundice,hepatitis, anorexia, NASH & NAFLD
  3. Livance-P SyrupSpecialized paediatric formulation for complete liver support
  4. Livance-C CapsulesNatural, highly efficacious & cost effective innovation for Hepatitis B & C (HBV & HCV)
  5. Actief-Z CapsulesHerbal Energy Booster Multi-vitamin, Multi-mineral, Anti-oxidant & Amino acid provider
  6. Ruamit TabletsCompletely vegetarian formula for Osteoarthritis & Rheumatoid Arthritis with proven synergistic herbs
  7. Ruamit InstagelNon-greasy, deep penetrating & quick acting gel
  8. Pury-Tox TabletsExclusive Internal detoxifying phytoformulation
  9. Plazure Capsules – Non-hormonal Phytoceutical for Erectile Dysfunction & Premature Ejaculation
  10. Radicap Tablets – Proven, potent & natural radical capturing Phytodrug

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